Rome vs han china

Han china and roman empire comparison similarities: both han china and the roman empire showedthat they were powerful by investing a lot in publi. Third-century china got around the ancient world they even made it to the roman empire, and wrote down their thoughts on these strange foreigners in the weilüe, a. The han dynasty vs the roman empire essaythe han dynasty vs the roman empire the roman empire and the han dynasty of china had. There was some demand in china for roman glass the han chinese also produced glass in certain locations chinese. The decline of han china & rome han dynasty's decline: han china slowly started to decline around the end of the 2nd century ce new disease came in.

1 10,000 each of rome and china's best soldiers are pitted against one another in battle 2 inexplicably, the traditional threats facing. This history paper compares and contrasts some of the key elements of both, the roman, and the han empires of rome and ancient china. In both han china and rome, the same values of respect, piety, duty, and honor were stressed essays related to roman empire and han dynasty comparison 1. Who would win the roman testudo and manipular infantry tactic vs the han dynasty crossbow and missile warfare. A roman legion(about 4000 men) vs a han dynasty army i would say that the one with the most advantages are han dynasty china roman empire vs han dynasty.

The han dynasty and imperial rome were both large and powerful empires that existed during the classical period the han dynasty and imperial rome had. Hey how bout this: there is rome and all its power against china's han dynasty and all its power they are on an even playing feild side by side ( so forget. The han dynasty and imperial rome were both large and powerful empires that existed during the classical period the han dynasty and imperial rome had some major.

Han china vs ancient rome the population of china tripled so that proves han china was able to field a much bigger army than rome both rome and han china used. There were two major similarities between the roman empire and han what were the main similarities and differences between the empires of rome and han china a. Comparative studies of the roman and han empires political map of the eastern hemisphere in ad 200 comparisons between the such as han china and rome.

Similarities and differences between ancient rome, the gupta empire, and the han dynasty of china. At their apogy, the roman empire got a total of 24 legions, 16 cohorts in rome (10 praetorian and 6 urban) and 122 cohort of legionnary garrison in. I know that both civilizations are significantly more powerful and advanced than their contemporaries i wonder which one of them is more powerful and. Han dynasty vs roman empire: a comparison preconditions ideology similarities state building and characteristics similarities major results of empire.

Rome vs han china

Best answer: ancient rome build massive empires, fought alot of wars ---- chinese dynasty build great wall of china to stop the mongolians from invading. Ancient rome and the ancient han dynasty were both magnificent empires that covered vast and massive land masses they were two different empires that grew in.

Han china vs imperial rome the methods of political control used in han china (206 bce – 220 ce) were similar to that of imperial rome (31 bce. The societies of han china (206 bce-220 ce) and classical rome (27 bc- 476 ad) were greatly influenced by their political, social, and economic factors comparatively. Origins of empire han china built on earlier imperial traditions started by the qin and zhou rome built on aristocratic landlords expanding out from a city-state. New line of reasoning: did the huns head west because they could not defeat the han empire we all know the outcome of hun vs rome: visitors handily defeated the. Brief overviews from wikipedia to get a sense of the social structure in han china and imperial rome: han china social structure roman social structure. Bene - and four - stage science essay rome imperial vs han china study and ideas, each of the program level outcomes meet program outcomes, graduate capabilities, to. The han dynasty was one of china's golden era's it followed the qin dynasty in 206bc and ended in 220ce, therefore it was around during the time period of the roman.

Ancient rome was a thriving civilization that began growing on the italian peninsula as early as the 8th century b c e it became one of the largest empires in the. Start studying the fall of rome and han china, similarities and differences learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

rome vs han china rome vs han china

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